Our Guarantee

Our Complete Landscape Management Program is suitable for most budgets and properties, depending on size and needs. Take a look at the core inclusions that will keep your landscape healthy and growing.


We carefully mow and trim to an even, suitable height for your lawn’s specific requirements.


We do not bag grass clippings and instead opt for “grasscycling,” the process of returning clippings to the turf for nutritional replenishment. If the lawn is mowed frequently enough, there is great benefit to the soil when clippings are mulched.  In fact, when clippings are removed, a large portion of the plants natural fertilizer is removed.


To reduce rutting, soil compaction and ensure the turf stands erect with a manicured appearance, we mow in an alternate direction from the previous mowing.


Each species of plant has different pruning needs, based on flower production and growth habit. That being said, not all plants are pruned at once; it is a process, not a single-day event.


Here is how we prioritize pruning:

  1. Pruning for bloom production.
  2. Structure pruning for plant development.
  3. Space management.

Organic Tree Shrub and Turf Grass Care

Much like a healthy diet results in a healthy person, we believe healthy soil produces a healthy plant.


Use of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides are minimized, as per our commitment to organic fertilization and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the process of managing mowing, fertilization and irrigation to control insects, disease and weeds, all with minimal pesticide use.


Learn more about our passion for responsible horticulture practices and what makes us different.