What Makes Us Different? Our Holganix Program!

We believe soil health is the key to healthy plants. We use Holganix, a probiotic approach lawn care program to nourish your landscape. Holganix fortifies the soil to build strong roots and grow healthier, more beautiful landscapes.

Three Reasons We Love Holganix:

  1. It uses 75% less chemicals than traditional fertilizers, and is safe for pets, kids and the Earth.
  2. Reduces the need for pesticides by building stronger, more resilient plants.
  3. Grows thicker, stronger, healthier root systems that require less water, while still retaining vital nutrients.

Holganix is Better for the Earth.

Nitrates and phosphates in traditional fertilizers can runoff into local waterways, contributing to large-scale algae blooms that cause odor issues and deplete supply of oxygen, suffocating marine life. Areas with massive oxygen depletion are known as “Dead Zones” and can be found throughout the U.S.


By selecting our Holganix lawn care and tree and shrub care programs, you are making a conscious decisions to reduce the nitrates and phosphates in our local lakes, bays and streams.


For every acre of turf we treat with Holganix, we on average eliminate:

  • 40 pounds of Nitrates
  • 10 Pounds of Phosphates
  • 35 Ounces of Concentrated Pesticides